I’ve curated, produced and edited a range of different radio and podcast projects. Below you’ll find more details about each. I also provide show development and production assistance, editing support for interviews, as well as transcription services. If you’re interested, you can get in touch via the contact tab above.

New Audio

Melbourne Lockdown Bonus (Outside World)

I set myself the task of creating a mini audio experiment each day for a week during the Melbourne lockdown in early June 2021. The episodes feature a range of found sound, interviews and audio experiments in an attempt to sonically articulate the feelings of yet another lockdown.

Listen here.

Central Desert Enigma (All The Best)

Produced this story for All The Best with help from supervising producer Ryan Pemberton. Story details the experience of a friend of mine who moved to the Northern Territory to start anew. First proper foray into non-narrated story-telling, using sound and music to guide story.

Listen here.

Old Audio


Mikstape Radio is a monthly new Australian music podcast and playlist on Spotify. The podcast involves me sharing a mikstape with a friend, and we talk through the songs together. I use anchor’s ‘music + talk‘ function to construct the podcast. I host, produce and edit the show and curated the music for each episode.

The show previously lived as a fortnightly radio show on Play On Radio.

Stream all the episodes on Spotify here.

Follow the playlist on Spotify here.


Outside World is a weekly podcast all about showcasing the sounds outside your door. The show began while in Stage Four lockdown in Melbourne and is a way of showcasing the sounds of the outside world at a time when we need it most. Each week I release an edited soundscape someone has sent in.

I developed the original concept for Outside World and edit and produce each episode as well. Guests record a 10-15 minute recoding using a recording device (most often their phone) and I edit these down, removing any distortion or other unwanted noise. I also designed the theme music and show ID.

More info about the show here.

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*Show is currently on hiatus


A new music podcast showcasing the best new international releases. I co-host each episode with Gemma Bastiani. The show is a bonus monthly episode within the Australian Jams podcast feed.

Gemma and I curate a list of songs each fortnight, and talk through each one during each episode. We both share the editing and lead host duties, alternating each week.

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*Show is currently on hiatus.


The Isolation Podcast was a fortnightly podcast hosted by myself and my partner, Elle. Built out of the context of Covid-19 isolation, the podcast documents us getting back in touch with the everyday aspects of life.

I co-developed the original concept for the podcast. Each episode is co-produced with Elle. I am responsible for editing the podcast and releasing each episode.

Stream all the episodes here.


Australian Music Diaries was fortnightly podcast designed to add personal context to how we listen to new Australian music. Alongside my co-host, Jack R Reilly, we shared voice memo’s between each other, sharing personalised stories about our favourite new Australian music.

I developed the original concept for the podcast and I curated, produced and edited each episode.

The show was broadcast on Play On Radio and can still be found wherever you get your podcasts.

More information here.