~Outside World~

At a time when we’re staying inside a whole lot more, this is a show to bring your ears back to the outside, even when your body can’t. Each week showcases a new soundscape to soundtrack your own everyday. Beginning amidst the Stage Four lockdown in Melbourne, Outside World is a podcast all about showcasing the sounds outside your door.

If you’d like to get involved, you can! Record a 10-15 minute voice memo on your phone of your outside world. It could be as you walk your neighbourhood, capturing the sounds of nature from your backyard, or even just with your window open. Remember to mention your name and where you’re from at the beginning, and once your done, send it and a photo from where you are to miks@mikseveritt.com.

New episodes will be released each Monday morning!

~bring your ears outside~

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Miks – Flemington, Victoria Outside World

  1. Miks – Flemington, Victoria
  2. Giles – Tokyo
  3. Mel – Daylesford, Victoria
  4. Tim – West Footscray, Victoria
  5. Ashleigh – Oxford, England
  6. Hugh – Oak Park, Victoria
  7. Gemma – Viewbank, Victoria
  8. Jourdan – Resevoir, Victoria
  9. Jen – San Diego, California
  10. Elle – Flemington, Victoria